samsung pico projector i7410 europe bound

Samsung-i7410-pico-projectorSamsung has launched its products in all technological fields and so mobile market is also not untouched by Samsung. Samsung i7410 is the first projector phone launched by Samsung in mobile world. This mobile phone is known by the name i7410 in Europe and is called W7900 in Korea. Samsung has produced i7410 in conjunction with the texas instruments. This is powered by the DLP Pico chipset. DLP Pico chipset is used in the standalone micro projectors. To produce this mobile phone, Samsung has partnered with the Texas Instruments. Samsung i7410 on contract will be a profitable deal for dealers.

This mobile phone includes a 5 mp camera with built-in speakers. Camera of this phone has features like Auto focus, face detection, image stabilizer, digital zoom and smile detection etc. Samsung i7410 is also used for presentations but online dark room. With the Samsung projector phone, you get the experience to view big pictures because the content from projector phone sizes upto 50 inches. This projector phone projects the content from phone with flexible image sizes that scales from 5 inches to 50 inches. It has many more applications such as display of emails, powerpoint slides, pictures and attachments. Samsung i7410 on T-Mobile will attract more users.

It has screen of 3.2 inches with 262144 colors and resolution of 240×400 pixels. This mobile phone has FM radio and music players that support AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA etc formats. It supports frequency for roaming in US. It can also record video at the rate of 15 frames per second. This mobile phone can have multiple numbers for any contact. Calendar, Alarm, TO-DO, Calculator, World Clock and Stop Watch etc are other features that are desired in mobile phones and are present in this phone. To study more features and user opinions you can read Samsung i7410 reviewsfrom websites. Samsung i7410 offers features of a projector but it needs more development so that it can perfectly compete with any proector. These are pay as you go phones.
Posted on 01 April 2009


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