Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 is an Office Phone

Samsung Omnia Pro B7320You know the device, the complimentary mobile phone that your boss hands you so that you can be called upon during weekends or your off days; the mobile device that literally ties you to your office responsibilities; an unsuspecting little gizmo that is paraded about as a free complimentary item but is actually an employee’s personal nightmare. This is the office phone.

While more often than not, this is a spot reserved for some obscure Nokia model with no other functionalities aside from making and receiving calls and SMS messages. Sadly, the Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 is a prime candidate for the position.

Some Frills, Mostly Work

The lack of a touch screen says it all, this phone is all work and no fun. Granted that you are given Wi-Fi, HSDPA an FM radio and other interesting features; the phone itself specializes in office work. In case you have been wondering what the “Pro” means, it refers to the word professional; Samsung’s subtle way of saying that this phone is not made to make your day.

Not Another Windows Mobile Phone

Perhaps one of the most uninteresting and worthless facts about this mobile phone is the fact that it uses Windows Mobile. Sure, this operating software is far more stable than its desktop counter part; and a lot of mobile phones have it. But compared to other operating systems available out there, it always feels better to just pass up Windows mobile.

Average Looks

Samsung did a pretty good job making sure this device sits in the mediocre category. Aside from not having a touch screen, this mobile phone also lacks some serious imagination in terms of design. The external casing has hints and shades of dark brown. The keys themselves are brown. While it does step away from the usual blacks and silvers, the overall design still feels uninspired and is hardly worth a second look.

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