Samsung i780: Your Handy Laptop!

Today, one thing is for sure, that you need to be a multi tasker and then only the world will accept you and you will also be able to face the world. So Samsung has come up with a phone that does it all – take pictures, play music, capture videos, browse the internet, SMS, MMS, instant messaging, office work, and most importantly talk to the other phones and has been given the name the Samsung i780! The Samsung i780 has been made for the people who like their mobiles and also have great respect for their and others time. It is a mobile phone but a time saver device because you can use it everywhere even when on the move and so you can time everything and feel the relief it brings. It is hard to digest but after you watch the Samsung i780 video review, you yourself will vouch for the Samsung i780 and inspire others to buy the phone. Another great thing for the buyers is the Samsung i780 deals. These deals from Samsung are real and intended to help the client by offering the best option available.

The phone has a QWERTY keyboard and a Wi-fi platform to offer to its users. In addition a Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional operating system means that you have the edge over others when it comes to the ability to work on the move. And for the same category of clients Samsung i780 Orange has been specially custom designed so that you are never away from the signal needed for a smooth operation. Also the Li-Ion 1480 mAh battery gives a 400 hour on the stand by mode and 7 hours on talk mode, so one full charge and you are done for at least half a week.

Also as pay as you go phones, the Samsung i780 works wonders and helps you stick to your budgets.


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