Samsung i7500 with Google’s Android OS

samsung-i7500-angleIn the past few months, we have seen many changes in the international telecommunications industry. Some companies like Gigabyte have already invested in lots of cash to produce their own iPhone killers. Before March of this year, the Web was already deluged with news of upcoming Blackberry and LG models. Now Samsung makes it official that their very own Samsung i7500 would be powered by Google’s operating system, Android.
Innovative Androids
Samsung was among the first companies who joined the Open Handset Alliance. The aim today is to produce the most useful and consumer-friendly Android-powered mobile phone to be appreciated by both the business market and mainstream market. Upon the initial release of the Samsung i7500 in Seoul, Korea, Samsung is the first among three global telecom manufacturers to come up with a device powered exclusively with the Android OS.
i7500Browsing with an Android
The Samsung i7500 features complete access to the different Google services that many have already found indispensable. Some of these services are Google Search™, YouTube™ and Google Talk™. You can also access your Google Mail™ from the comfort of your home with its Wi-Fi capability and high-speed HSPDA. With the Samsung i7500’s built in GPS capabilities, you can also tap into other Google resources dedicated to finding your way around your own city.
Street View and more
For example, you can check out Google Maps™ and use specific features from Google Maps such as Street Views. Features such as Street View can give you 3-dimensional, 360 views of specific locations around the city, showing you precisely what people are doing there, traffic conditions, etc. All this is powered by Google’s own Android operating system.

Since Wikipedia and Google have a tie up, new locations can be given their proper names and tags as you go around the city. You would never be lost with the Samsung i7500, the first Android-powered smartphone. Expect the handset to arrive in the United Kingdom by June 2009 from none other than Samsung itself.


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