Samsung i7500: Wi-Fi-Ready and Packing an AMOLED Display

samsung-i7500-angleOne of the greatest features of the most recent smartphones from Samsung is the AMOLED display, which can display a staggering 262,000 colours or more, depending on the unit. The Samsung i7500 is notable because it has been pre-installed with Android, an operating system for smartphones developed by Google. As such, this Android-powered device can handle most Google services such as Google Mail™ and Google Talk™ easily and efficiently.

YouTube? Your tube!
Would it be practical to view Flash-based videos from YouTube, MetaCafe and other such video-sharing websites with the Samsung i7500? Of course, it is. YouTube™ is actually part of the Google services family, and the Android can handle the video streaming fairly well with the high-speed HSDPA connection, which can operate independently of other connections at the rate of 7.2 megabits per second. The AMOLED display is 3.2 inches in size, which is enough to show even entire digital movies.
Storage and dimension
i7500The Samsung i7500 measures 11.9 mm (one of the slimmest), like the Asus P835. If you’re worrying about the extra storage possible with the handset, you can expand your storage capacity with the MicroSD slot. The handset can support up to 40 gigabytes. However, you can also content yourself with the on-board storage amounting to 8 gigabytes. That’s enough for a few hundred quality photos, some videos and whole albums from iTunes.
You can also download all the widgets and available, compatible applications and install the applications through the Android operating system. It’s up to you to enrich and maximize the generous resources available with the Samsung i7500.

In addition to the immense possibilities that the HSUPA/HSDPA and GPRS/EDGE connections can offer, you can also enrich your multimedia experience by obtaining your favorite videos no matter what the codec is. From DivX to Real, you can surely play them in the Samsung i7500. Expect this phone to reach the United Kingdom by June of 2009, brought to you by the electronics giant Samsung.

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