Samsung i7410: projector first, phone second!

Samsung-i7410Samsung I7410 is actually the first ever mobile phone of the world that features an in-built projector which delivers up to 50 inches of screen. Samsung I7410 is smart phone with a light weight that arrives with sleek design and stunning look. The handset features 3.2 inches of touchscreen display. As Samsung i7410 features 5 MP of camera, you’ll surely be able to capture all your memorable events into your camera phone in the form of high quality images. Moreover, the handset also offers 3G features, thus, make unlimited video calls whenever you want.Furthermore, this amazing 3G phone also features on-board media player and a stereo FM tuner for better audio experience. Additionally, you can expand the memory of this 3G device up to 16GB if you’re interested in collecting any genre of musical numbers, video files and whatever you want.  
ISamsung-i7410-Projectorf your pocket money or salary is not sufficient enough to purchase Samsung i7410, then you don’t have to worry anymore because you can still get yourself a Samsung i7410. Are you shocked with this news? How would it be possible that you lack budget to purchase your desired cell phone and can easily own the same one? Well, O2 offers you with an opportunity to own Samsung i7410 and you don’t even have to pay for it at once. Actually, you’ll require paying for your owned Samsung i7410 on installment basis. Under Samsung i7410 contracts, you’ll be offered with Samsung i7410 simply by agreeing to pay installments on monthly basis. Additionally, you’ll also be offered with sim free mobile phones when choosing to purchase Samsung i7410 on O2. Samsung i7410 is a perfect designed handset suitable for users of all level. If you want to ensure this fact then you better check out Samsung i7410 reviews that are available all over the internet.


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