Samsung Genio Pro is a Solid Phone

Samsung Genio ProSmart phones are becoming more and more common lately. This means that the average mobile phone user will more likely be using a smart phone instead of an old GSM model. Of course, this means that lower quality smart phones will also be produced to bridge that gap and make the transition smoother. The Samsung Genio Pro comes from a series of mobile smart phones that seem to be dedicated to helping that transition progress.

Market Positioning

If you are a long time smart phone user and expect a lot from your mobile phone, then choosing the Genio Pro is just like picking up an ordinary smart phone. It will get the job done, but it still lacks some of the extra features and functions you will find on other models. If you are a first time smart phone user, then the Genio Pro is as good a choice as any of the typical mobile phones out there. Unless you are looking for a specific feature, this phone could very serve as a generic use smart phone.

Not Quite a Pro

The Pro in the Genio is short for professional, which is the main target market of this mobile phone. It does have some pretty useful applications and a full slide out QWERTY keyboard with decent buttons that make typing messages and letters easier. On the short side, the low memory capacity means you will not be able to store larger files and you would need to use a flash card for other files and media.

Other Specifications

Aside from the full QWERTY keyboard, the Genio Pro also has a touch screen, a 3.55mm audio jack, Wi-Fi and HSDPA capabilities, and a 3 mega pixel camera. The on board memory is only 120MB. Samsung also has Google talk and other useful mobile applications packed into the Pro.

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