Samsung Blue Earth Eco Warrior

Samsung-Blue-EarthSamsung have unveiled an interesting new addition to their mobile phone collection, it’s the Samsung Blue Earth and it’s the first mobile phone to be powered by solar energy. The back of the phone is covered with solar panels that will charge the phone, as long as it is kept in direct sunlight.

The Samsung Blue Earth is housed in a rounded case with a large touch screen display, which is actually quite a good looking mobile phone compared with other “eco-friendly” phones, including the new Motorola W233 renew. The Blue Earth is made out of recycled plastic bottles; however its eco-friendly credentials do not end there. It is also built without any harmful substances including Beryllium, Brominated Flame Retardants and Phthalate. When mobile phones do eventually get binned, it is there substance that will get released and cause harm to the environment, so no worried for the Blue Earth.

We do not have any details feature lists to provide you with regards to the Samsung Blue Earth, however I’m sure this will change at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which starts on Monday. What we can say is that it will also contains some smart eco-friendly features including and “eco mode” that will allow users to turn down the backlight and screen brightness to save energy and also be able to calculate how many trees have been saved by walking a journey instead of driving.

Looks like a great little phone for all the eco warriors out there. I will bring you more of the Samsung Blue Earth in the forthcoming months.


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