Samsung Blue Earth Arrives

Samsung S7550 Blue EarthMobile phone manufacturer Samsung Electronics have just announced the launch of the Samsung Blue Earth environmentally friendly handset, which will arrive on the market with a full touch screen display. The mobile phone was first unveiled way back in February for the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, and on one or two occasions since then has been spotted out in the wild.

According to Samsung Electronics, this new mobile phone comes with a variety of multimedia features that are designed to prove it is one of the best environmentally friendly devices on the market. The mobile phone also has very low power requirements and is made largely from eco friendly materials.

“Samsung’s Blue Earth is not just another addition to our mobile line-up, but a significant step forward in our commitment to protecting the environment,” said the executive vice president and head of the Mobile Communication Division of Samsung Electronics, Mr. JK Shin, adding that; “I am very pleased to announce the launch [of] this landmark eco mobile, and Samsung will continue to introduce innovative eco-friendly mobiles like Blue Earth to target the broader consumers.”

The company has also said that the launch of their Blue Earth mobile phone proves their commitment to bring environmentally conscious devices to the market – which is all well and good although stating it as plainly as that may not work as well for them as the strategy that LG took with their Pop green handset; which was very much that of the unsung environmental hero.

The Samsung Blue Earth has a 5 star energy efficient charger, according to Samsung, and also includes “Eco Mode” – allowing you to save energy while not using the device.

There is currently no official release date, although it is expected to be available world wide sometime before the end of the year.


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