Pomp and Pageantry: The Upcoming Samsung Omnia 2 I8000

A Growing Family
Samsung-Omnia-2-I8000Q3 of 2009 will see the release of 3 new Omnia mobiles: the Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO, the Samsung B7300 Omnia Lite, and the Samsung Omnia 2 I8000. What set Omnia models apart is their stylish and sleek designs combined with eye-catching graphics and interface. The Omnia 2 I8000 is no different as it is set to give users an exceptional experience.
A Spectacular Gallery
I have chosen to focus on the Omnia 2 I8000’s amazing photo album interface as I feel it pretty much summarizes how much effort has been put in in order to guarantee a one of a kind user experience.
Aside from having the basic functions such as multiple sorting methods, touch-optimized zooming features, and a highly customizable slideshow mode, one of the best features of the gallery is the 3D arc view. It literally displays your images in the shape of an arc and you can easily scroll through them using their fingers. It just looks so cool and makes the photo viewing experience much more enjoyable.
More Style than Substance?
With such spectacular and eye-pleasing features some might ask the question, does the Samsung Omnia 2 I8000 have more style than it has substance? Does this device attempt to wow its audience with all the glitz and glamour without having anything to show for in terms of features and functions?

Well the short answer is no. Although the Omnia 2 I8000 does indeed pack in a whole lot of style, this does not compromise the mobile’s functionality. It actually has a lot of other impressive features (i.e. sizable 3.7-inch AMOLED resistive touchscreen with a TouchWiz UI, WinMo 6.1 Professional OS, GPS receiver with A-GPS support, etc.) that make the 480-pound price tag almost reasonable.


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