Innovation at Its Best: The Samsung E1107 Crest Solar

Samsung Provides the Answer
Samsung-E1107-Crest-SolarOver the years, mobile phone manufacturers have come up with new technologies to improve the battery life of their devices. In an attempt never to leave the consumers without a powered-up device, companies have designed batteries that would stay alive for weeks and weeks. However, it seems as though Samsung has come up with the best solution through the use of innovation. Meet the new Samsung E1107 Crest Solar—the first solar-powered mobile phone in the market.
Instead of creating a device with a battery that will last you for days on end, Samsung has come up with a simple way of recharging the E1107. Through the use of ultra-small photovoltaic solar panels, you can easily recharge your E1107 by simply placing it under the sun. Just be sure not to run out of battery at night.
A Low-End Device
Samsung-Crest-SolarAlthough this is indeed a commendable innovation, the only downside (for some, at least) is that the technology was used on a low-end device. The E1107 is equipped with the most basic of features (i.e. dual-band GSM connectivity, a 1.52 CSTN colour display, and no EDGE, 3G, or Bluetooth capabilities) as it is a device that’s catered to entry-level markets (much like the Samsung E1100 or the Samsung E1210). But then again, it is possible that Samsung is just testing the waters by applying this new technology on a low-tech device to see how the market would react.
Some Work Needed?
Samsung’s use of solar energy on a mobile is indeed ground-breaking. However, another issue is that the battery life of the device is fairly unimpressive. Charging the E1107 under the sun for around an hour will only give you 5-10 minutes of talk time. This may be good enough for an emergency call, but it does not actually respond to the need for a legitimate portable power supply.

The E1107 will be available this June with a price tag of £40. 

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