Samsung-M7600-BEAT-DJWhat if I tell you that now you can practice to be a Dj on your phone? Yes that’s very much possible with the new Samsung M7600 Beat Dj! You can now add voice and other effects to your favorite songs. Not only that, you will also be able to practice scratching on your 2.8 inches touch screen! This is an absolutely handy piece of gadget for every music lover, as the speaker system is supported by Bang & Olufsen technology. Find great Samsung M7600 Beat Dj deals today.
There is a small wheel in the middle of your screen which is used for the scratching purpose as well as for navigation of menus. Some expect that this might make it a little difficult to keep on moving up and down the menus constantly.     
As the Executive Vice President of Samsung Mobile division, J K Shin said, the new BEAT segment of the Samsung mobiles will take the mobile telecommunication to a totally different level. Another model in the Beat range, M6710 BEAT DISC was released on the same day as of M7600. The two are slightly different. Get Samsung M7600 Beat DJ free gifts with just one click.
This M7600 Beat Dj is not just aimed for the Dj’s soul; it comes equipped with a 3 megapixel camera and you can be sure that the number pad that slides out with the push of a finger, once opened, is surely something that every style-lover is bound to love! It is also quad-band HSDPA/GSM enabled and has got a microSDHC card that can give you a memory slot up to 16GB and stereo Bluetooth. Get onto Orange with the M7600 Beat Dj.
However, several who claim to have used the M7600 states that there are several technical faults which make it a little boring after using for a little while. For example, the scratching function works a little late, creating a small gap between the time your finger touches the screen and the actual scratching noise comes. Also, the scratch noise does not sound realistic and this kind of breaks the connection. 
All in all, it’s definitely a must-try-out for all music lovers and wanna-be-Djs out there. On top of this get sim free phones of your favourite brand to have limitless fun and connectivity no matter where you go.


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