A Simple Messaging Phone, the Samsung Genio TXT

Samsung Genio TXTIt is not easy to create and design a good mobile phone, and Samsung just made a pretty decent one with the Genio TXT. Still, this phone might leave people wondering what Samsung is really busy with these days. After the more ingenious and powerful smart phone models released by Samsung recently, the Genio series seems a tad bit too bland to satisfy anyone’s appetite for something scrumptiously tech.

Messaging Specialty

If there is one great thing about the Genio TXT is that this mobile phone was made with just one main purpose in mind, and it does it well, write messages. You may have already guessed it from the name, TXT really does focus on sending and writing message. This feature is even more obvious once you get you hands on the mobile phone; it has a fully QWERTY keyboard crammed in front of it.

Keyboard Efficiency

The bonus to having a tightly wedged keyboard right in front of your mobile phone is that you do not need to slide it out, you do not need to rotate your phone to type a long message, and most importantly, you can still type with just one hand. Of course, that last bit will take a bit of practice for the average person. But if you are the type of mobile phone user who sends hundreds of messages each day, then that is something that just comes naturally. The crowd for this phone is simple; there is a whole community of people out there who live their lives sending text messages in huge volumes. There are even competitions held for the mobile TXT community.

Everything Else Genio

The Samsung Genio TXT, aside from its keyboard, also has a 3.5mm audio jack, a multimedia player, a 2 mega pixel camera and GPRS coverage.

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