The Palm Pre Arrives In October

Palm Pre (1)When we first discussed the Palm Pre mobile phone with you earlier this month we were quite bitter, to say the least, that even though it had already become available in the United States we still had no word of the date it might be hitting UK shelves. However, there has now been some good news on that front, with O2 having just officially confirmed that the Palm Pre will become available to residents of the UK on the 16th of October. Buyers will have the choice of buying through O2 directly, or else either Carphone Warehouse or Phones4U.

From what we’ve heard, it seems that the Palm Pre’s tariffs are going to be pretty steep; to the extent that they’ve actually been compared with those of the iPhone.

If you want to get the mobile phone for free you will have to sign up for an 18 month plan, costing just over £44 per month, or the much more expensive contract of just over £73 per month.

Those of you who don’t mind the idea of being locked in for 24 months will however have the much more reasonable options of a £34.26 per month plan which will still include a free Palm Pre handset. Of course, there is also the option to buy the handset by itself, which will cost you just under £97; however because all of the tariffs come with unlimited data packages while will let you make the most of the mobile phone’s internet abilities, £34.26 a month doesn’t sound too unreasonable to us.

As we discussed earlier this week, the Palm Pre is a very impressive handset that could be the first true rival of the iPhone; something we will have a clearer picture on when October rolls around.


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