Pre Order Palm Pre in the UK

Palm Pre Palm’s latest mobile phone, the “Pre”, is headed to the UK. Although there is no official release date yet we’ve just received word from Softpedia News that the handset has just been made available for pre ordering across the country.

One of the reasons to get a pre order Pre, is the fact that you will receive your handset unlocked; so unlike other users you can use your existing SIM card or shop around for the best deals on new plans and prepaid carriers.

You can order it online, either from HandTec for £517.49, which is approximately US $856, or else you can get it for £449.98 from mPhone, which is roughly US $826. There is no clear reason for the discrepancy in price tags on the spiffy new mobile phone, but undoubtedly both will sell out.

Neither of the websites give buyers a set date for delivery, meaning that we are still no closer to knowing an exact launch date – however the option for pre order popping up on two different sites does give us hope that it may hit stores sometime in October, facing off against Motorola and LG’s much anticipated new handets, also set for release sometime next month.

The Palm Pre boasts a 3.1 inch touch screen display, a 3.2 mega pixel camera, GPS, as well as a dedicated internet browser and email support, including POP3, IMAP and Outlook. Naturally, with these features it also has a full QWERTY keyboard, as is fast becoming the norm with all mobile phones these days.

You will also have access to a whole host of applications, both new and old, designed to enhance your Pre experience.


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