Palm Pre: Think Ahead

Palm-PrePalm recently launched its much awaited brand new slider phone, Palm Pre. It has a touch sensitive display on its 3.1 inch wide touchscreen. This phone has a full QWERTY keyboard that can be changed to a portrait orientation by just shaking it. Palm Pre has incorporated the accelerometer in its device that is useful for flipping the display screen on its side. This feature is a boon for gaming enthusiasts as you can actually have the feel of striking a ball in a tennis game by simply using your phone like a tennis racquet. It will take some time before you can buy this curvy handset, but it is going to create a storm whenever it is open for a Palm Pre contract contract.

Palm Pre photoPalm Pre has been installed with Palm’s latest webOS platform and an OMAP CPU from TI to complement the same. Palm feels that this combination can give the user an experience of working on a laptop. The touch interface helps in smooth switching between applications and saves on time too. If you have almost made up your mind to buy Palm Pre after reading all this, you will need to decide on the connection like Orange Palm Pre on Orange that has to be bought for making the phone operational.

The Palm Pre also has other wonderful features such as a 3MP camera with LED flash and a microUSB plug for storing a large amount of data. The most original feature of Palm Pre is undoubtedly the wireless charger that has never been developed for any other contract mobile contract mobile phones phone. This charger is aptly called ‘Touchstone’ and it actually looks like a black stone that can fit in your hand! This charger is very handy while you are traveling and is the subject matter for many Palm Pre Palm Pre review reviews.


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