Palm Pre: Make a Gesture

Palm-PrePalm Pre has already created a cult following since it was launched. It boasts of a huge touchscreen that can run numerous applications at the same time. The QWERTY keyboard is revealed as you slide the phone, which you will mostly not need as the touch interface is good enough. It has accurate GPS navigation so that you find your way out quickly. It has been exclusively launched by Sprint that is sure to make Palm Pre its flagship mobile phone. Mostly, Palm Pre contract Palm Pre contract would be made only on Sprint. The only thing that you can know is when the desired phone would be out for sale.

As per the reports about Palm Pre, there is no chance to power it on other networks like Palm Pre on Virgin since it is going to be launched on the Now network only. Palm Pre simplifies working due to its new gesture bar, a black space below the screen. This bar can be used to work with both hands and also reach the upper area of the touchscreen. To add to this, Palm Pre has a smart webOS from Palm that can rapidly search applications, contacts, appointments and the Internet at the same time. You will be impressed by the card system for applications that give you the freedom to work on multiple tasks without closing and opening several windows.

There are Palm Pre reviews that mention about its wireless charger. The Touchstone is the first wireless charger to hit the market and is specially designed for Palm Pre. There are rumors that this charger may not be included in the mobile phone package, but people are anyway ready to buy it. When a mobile phone deals offers so much along with a 3MP camera, Bluetooth and accelerometer, why would anyone complain?


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