Palm Pre Faces Legal Issues After Exclusive Deal With O2

O2 LogoWe recently published an article discussing how the Palm Pre would be made available across the United Kingdom exclusively on the O2 mobile phone network – however there are now some legal issues looming after other retailers have started selling the handset sim free.

Both Handtec and m Phone have the Palm Pre for sale sim free, listed on their websites, (Handtec for £517 and m Phone for £450,) despite O2’s promise of exclusive distribution rights in the UK market. After word reached the top, Palm‘s lawyers were quick to act, requesting that both websites remove the listing immediately; we can report that currently neither website has the sim free Palm Pre available online at this time.

This is both good and bad news; the good news is that O2 was not short changed on the arrangement and that Palm once again proved to be a reputable company. The bad news is however that you wont be able to get a sim free Palm Pre in the UK any time soon and will be forced to sign up with O2 on a 12 or 24 month plan – although on the plus side the prices Handtec and m Phone had the Palm Pre listed for suggest the contract will be a reasonable one and the handset may be included free. This cannot currently be confirmed, but as a lower priced mobile phone it is not unlikely.

With its superb design and quality brand name, it is still worth committing yourself to a contract – especially if the handset and plan over 12 months come to a total of less than £500, which based on past trends in the UK phone market we can speculate it will be.

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