Palm Pre: Charge it On the Go!

palm-pre-frontPalm Pre is the long awaited slider phone from Palm that debuted recently. It is totally packed with features expected from a top-quality manufacturer like Palm. It has a 3.1 inch touchscreen that facilitates smooth switching between applications by the stroke of your finger. The 3MP camera has an LED flash and enough memory to store all your data. This good looking phone is scheduled to arrive in the second half of 2009 and dealers all over the world are waiting to make a contract Palm Pre on contract for Palm Pre. It is unclear whether it will be sold as a sim-free sim free mobile phones phone or not.

Palm-pre-back-and-frontPalm has developed a new method for input of data in Palm Pre that doesn’t bring the screen into picture. For this, a gesture bar is provided under the screen in the form of a black surface. This bar was especially designed keeping in mind that users find it difficult to manage a touchscreen singlehandedly. The gesture bar can be used to work on the upper portion of the screen conveniently even while traveling. Reachable display screens are a must for effective use of the mobile phone and that is exactly what Palm has tried to do. Now whether Palm Pre will be sold with free gifts Palm Pre with free gifts or not will be known as time passes.

I have always disliked the long traveling hours just because my mobile phone cannot be charged in that time. Palm sort of got to know my woes and has introduced Touchstone with Palm Pre- the first wireless charger! You can charge your Palm Pre even when you are away from an electric socket- anytime. So you can have any connection such as T-Mobile Palm Pre on T-Mobile or any other, but charging is no longer a problem.


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