O2 Can Block Steaming Sites

O2 LogoIt seems that the O2 network is reserving the right to consider blocking access to any websites that offer TV streaming via 3G, such as the recently launched TV Catchup service.

The TV Catchup website has been optimised to suit the iPhone and is able to be accessed through a website – cleverly removing the need to go through Apple‘s application approval process; a very smart move on the company’s part.

While the O2 network does encourage streaming TV via Wi Fi, (which causes no strain on the carrier,) it has stated that 3G TV streaming could very well see a ban imposed on websites that provide the service.

A spokesperson for the O2 network has been quoted as saying; “O2 offers several phones, such as the Apple iPhone and Palm Pre, that can be used to stream live TV, and we encourage customers to use this when connected to Wi-Fi either in their home or out and about,” adding that; “When customers are connected to 3G we do not block services like mobile TV, however we reserve the right to prevent access to services that affect other users’ service. This includes products that continually stream audio and/or video.”

Right now there is nothing wrong with reserving their right to do so, but if O2 actually does decide to block websites offering streaming then iPhone users are sure to be incredibly unhappy – something the network really shouldn’t be risking right now, as both Vodafone and Orange will be more than happy to take said unhappy customers when they start stocking the iPhone in the near future.

Time will tell, and if there is any more news on this asinine plan, you can be sure we will update you.


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