The Ovi Advantage: Why the Nokia 2730 Classic is a Class Act


Nokia’s latest line of mid-range to entry level handsets is set to be launched in the third quarter of 2009. Among them are the Nokia 7020, the Nokia 2720 Fold, and the highly-anticipated Nokia 2730 Classic. Dubbed as the cheapest 3G handset in the market today, the 2730 Classic is also the only non-flip phone among the three. It has a slim and sleek design that packs in a lot of style.
Equipped with a 2-Megapixel camera, the 2730 will also come with GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, and Bluetooth support. Its 3G capability ensures that mobile internet browsing can be done at a high speed. A noteworthy addition to the 2730 Classic is Nokia’s Ovi Mail service. This application allows users to stay connected to the world via email without even needing a desktop computer. It is actually one of Nokia’s best innovations to date. 
The Need for Mobile Email
Nokia performed an extensive study on their customers and the results show that around half of their emerging market consumers would rather use their mobiles to connect to the internet instead of a desktop personal computer. As a response Nokia has developed a line of mobile applications that allows people from the rural areas to gain access to the internet even without a PC.
This has brought about the emergence of the Ovi Mail service. With a few simple steps, users will be able to create an email account on their mobile. The 2730 Classic has this program installed in it which means that users will be able to keep in touch with the world via mobile email.
The Ovi Innovation

The Ovi Mail application was designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It has a straightforward interface and an easy-to-use user menu. Even first timers shouldn’t have too much trouble setting up and accessing their email accounts. Users will be given their own email address and up to 1GB of storage space. The application comes complete with SPAM and antivirus software to make sure that they remain protected.

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