The Nokia Surge’s European Twin Brother: The Nokia 6760 Slide

Nokia-6760-Slide_42329_1After the release of the Nokia Surge in the United States, reports have been confirmed that its European counterpart – the Nokia 6760 Slide – is set to hit UK shores come the third quarter of 2009. Both mobiles share the exact same features except for a few minor differences. The most glaring discrepancy between the two is that the 6760 Slide’s camera is more powerful than that of its American counterpart. The 6760 Slide will be sporting a 3-megapixel camera as opposed to the Surge’s 2-Megapixel snapper.

Host of Features

As with the Surge, the 6760 Slide will also run with a Symbian operating system and will be equipped with a side-slider QWERTY keyboard. It will be a quad band GSM mobile and will also work in HSDPA 2100 over the 3G network. Support for GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, and Bluetooth will also be on board.

With a 128-Megabyte internal memory, users can choose to upgrade this to up to 8 GB via the 6760 Slide’s microSD card slot (a 2 GB card is already provided with the box kit). The multi-format music player and FM radio tuner can be used with the mobile’s headset (also included in the kit) which will plug into the 6760’s 2.5 mm jack.

Social Mobile

Taking the place of the Surge’s built-in AT&T Navigator is Nokia Maps – a very handy navigation app that has been likened to the highly successful Google Maps. Aside from also having other pre-installed applications such as Windows Live IM, Google Talk, and Nokia Messaging, the 6760 Slide will also allow one-click access to your favourite social networking sites including MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook.

As mentioned earlier it’s going to be a Q3 release for the Nokia 6760 Slide. We predict the price to be somewhere in the 170-Pound region.


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