The Nokia 7705 Twist – Only in the US

Nokia 7705 TwistWe’re disappointed to discover from that the new Nokia 7705 Twist will only be available in the United States and be exclusive to the Verizon network.

This mobile phone is one of the first handsets created by Nokia in recent years that is reminiscent of some of its early 2000 designs in terms of uniqueness and innovation. I will start by pointing out that until you “twist” out the keyboard this neat little model is in fact a small square object, with a screen covering so much of its face one could easily mistake it for a pocket mirror when seeing it for the first time.

The Nokia 7705 Twist, measuring 69mm by 69mm when “closed”, (I think “untwisted” is a more accurate description,) is just a fabulous looking mobile phone. Besides its good looks, it also sports a 3 mega pixel camera with auto focus and built in flash, Bluetooth connectivity, the option to add additional memory with a microSD card, a music player and web browser as well as boasting the functionality to run BREW applications.

The other cause for it not being made available outside the United States, besides the fact it is exclusively made for contract with Verizon, is that the Nokia 7705 Twist is a CDMA/EVDO handset, as appose to a GSM/UMTS model; which means it will not work as a mobile phone in Europe, making it about as useful here as a paperweight. (Albeit the best looking paperweight I may have ever laid my upon.)

The Nokia 7705 Twist does inspire confidence however that Nokia may bring out more handsets with fun and original designs in the coming months, something we have missed out on in the UK so far this year.


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