The Nokia 7020 is Packed with Nokia’s Top Applications

Nokia-7020-pinkWith a price tag of only £80 once it is released between October and December of this year, the new Nokia 7020 is an affordable alternative for those who are craving for an eye-catching mobile loaded with tons of features. Aside from being chic and unique, the 7020 also sports some of Nokia’s top applications that will satisfy every user’s needs.
Socially Relevant
Present on the 2720 is the revolutionary Nokia Life Tools, which are also installed in the Nokia 2730 Classic and the Nokia 2720 Fold. This application is catered for those living in remote and rural areas as this feature will allow users to acquire vital information over the internet without the need for a desktop computer. It is perfect for farmers who need info on weather predictions, agriculture techniques, and even updated market prices. The Nokia Life Tools also provides updates on the latest entertainment news to keep users in the know despite being hundreds of miles away.
Socially Connected
Nokia has packed the 7020 with loads of top of the line proprietary applications that are set to please all sorts of users. Among them are the Nokia Xpress audio messaging, Nokia Maps, Nokia Mobile Search, and the Nokia messaging IM which allows users to chat on the 7020 using their Yahoo! or MSN Messenger accounts.

The 7020 also comes equipped with Nokia’s Ovi Mail and Ovi Share program, among other Ovi applications. The former allows users to set up their own personal email accounts and access their messages for free directly on their mobiles. On the other hand the Ovi Share application will allow users to share their videos and photos anywhere and anytime by uploading them from their Nokia 7020s. Users are provided with unlimited storage space to save their most precious moments and share them with their family and friends.

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