The Nokia 7020: Bringing Mobile Internet to a Whole New Level

Nokia-7020-pink-frontNokia has expanded its range of mid-level handsets through the launch of three new mobiles in the second half of 2009. They have recently introduced the Nokia 2720 Fold, the Nokia 2730 Classic, and probably the most stylish of them all, the Nokia 7020.
Aside from having a shiny, colourful, and very stylish face, the Nokia 7020 also brings with it a lot of substance. Estimated to have a launch price of somewhere in the 80-pound region, the 7020 is a reasonably priced mid-level handset that allows users to access the internet without the high costs.
Surfing the Waves
In the 7020 Nokia has brought mobile internet to consumers at a very affordable price. Nokia has recognized the need of emerging markets to access the internet through their mobiles and they have responded well. Nokia Vice President Alex Lambeek could not have said it any better when he stated that "the power of the internet is undeniable. We’ve seen mobile technologies catalyze the growth of the informal sector across the world, empowering local entrepreneurs and having an immediate and lasting impact on people’s lives. Services like Nokia Life Tools and Ovi Mail, combined with the Nokia 7020 mobile phone we’re launching today, brings powerful solutions that can be the gateway to knowledge, entertainment and people, without the need for a PC." 
Social Butterflies

Aside from being internet-ready, the Nokia 7020 is also specially designed for those who just love social networking channels. This mobile has pre-installed applications that will allow for easy access to sites such as Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. With one click you’d be able to check on the latest updates of your accounts within seconds. You no longer need to worry about not being able to follow your friends’ recent activities as the 7020 will make sure that you remain in the loop. It also works both ways as you can constantly update your profile to let your buddies know what you’re up to.  


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