The Nokia 3720 Classic: Rough, Rugged, and Reliable

nokia-3720-1Nokia have recently unveiled the new 3720 Classic with a design that allows it endure adverse environments wherein other mobiles would just falter. By the looks of things, Nokia wants to pit the 3720 Classic in a head to head battle against the Samsung B2100 Xplorer which also has a similar design. With features present in most entry-level devices, the 3720 Classic is also proud to have an IP-54 certification for its rugged and reliable design.


The 3720 Classic is Nokia’s official attempt to revive the “rough and rugged” line of devices that seem to have fallen in the shadows in recent years. This line dates back to the year 2006 which saw the release of the last models of this type in the form of the Nokia 5140 and the 5500 Sport. The IP-54 certification of the 3720 Classic means that its design is guaranteed to have full splash and dust resistance. Moreover, Nokia also claims that this device will also have excellent shock resistance.

The Body

The 3720 Classic will sport a stainless steel exterior combined with a coarse textured surface. The back cover is the mobile’s main mode of defense as it will be held in place by a screw lock. There are a couple of videos showing the 3720’s durability in a series of “torture tests” and based on what we saw, it definitely passed with flying colours.

Also present on the Nokia 3720 Classic is a 2.2-inch QVGA TFT screen that can display up to 16M colours. Its 2-Megapixel camera can also produce decent photographs and its built-in LED flash can also serve as a portable flashlight. Being an entry level device, the 3720 Classic will not be supporting 3G and users will need to settle with its tri band GSM compatibility over the 2G network.


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