The Nokia 2730 Classic: The Cheapest 3G Mobile in the Market

Nokia-2730-classic2008 saw the release of 3G-capable entry level mobile phones such as the Sony Ericsson K330 and the LG KP275. However, it seems like Nokia has done another number on their competitors with the launch of the Nokia 2730 Classic—dubbed as the most affordable 3G handset in the market today. According to Nokia, at least.

3G on a Budget
Nokia-2730-classic-black-frontAround 2 or 3 years ago 3G connectivity was reserved only for top-of-the line mobile phones. Having 3G capabilities on your mobile meant that you could make use of a wider array of more technologically advanced services from your mobile phone provider. However, the advent of 3G-capable entry level handsets has made it more affordable for consumers to utilize this high-end technology. Take for instance the Nokia 2730 which is set to be launched with a price tag of only £70. Truly, this is 3G on a budget.
So what does this mean for the users? At a 384 kbps data rate, 2730 users will be able to surf the internet at a much faster speed as compared to GPRS web browsing. With the 2730’s WAP 2.0 xHTML web browser equipped with Java support, users will be able to view graphic intensive sites within a few seconds. Adding to this is the enhanced security provided by 3G technology that guarantees that data remain only where they should be.

There’s More to It
However, that’s not all she wrote for the Nokia 2730. Aside from having a 2-Megapixel camera, a 2-inch QVGA colour display, and an integrated music player, you can also make use of Nokia’s latest support services. The 2730 sports the new Ovi Mail program that allows users to set-up their own email account with minimal fuss. Also present is the Nokia Life Tools which enables users to get the latest up-to-date information on entertainment, education, and agriculture.

Not too shabby for a 70-pund mobile, right?

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