The Nokia 2720 Fold: Adding New Life to the Agricultural Market

Nokia-2720-fold-black-openNokia has joined the race of mid-range to entry level handsets with the upcoming release of the Nokia 2720 Fold. Set to be launched as a threesome come the third quarter of 2009 (together with the Nokia 7020 and the Nokia 2730 Classic), the 2720 is the cheapest among the bunch at only £50. Samsung has recently been the leader in this market segment and it seems that Nokia is willing to put up a fight.
In the new 2720 Fold, Nokia has integrated a simple yet stylish design and a number of features that make this mobile an excellent choice for our countrymen in the rural areas. With the introduction of the Nokia Life Tools application, agricultural communities will be able to improve their farming processes with the help of the 2720.
One of the best features of the Nokia Life Tools application is its ability to provide users with comprehensive and reliable information regarding agriculture. Information such as cropping cycles, weather forecasts, and agriculture tips & techniques will guarantee improved productivity. The up-to-date market prices will provide farmers with the right numbers to make sure that middlemen or wholesale buyers are not undercutting them with the price of their goods.
Education and Entertainment
In order to make the program more complete, Nokia has also decided to include useful information on the Nokia Life Tools application regarding education and entertainment. Nokia provides rural dwellers the opportunity to improve their social standing by supplying them with general knowledge through Nokia Life Tools.

There is also room for fun and personalization as the entertainment module of Nokia Life Tools allows users to download the latest wallpapers and ringtones for their mobiles. They can also keep themselves in the know through the use of news alerts or even cricket updates.

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