Spotlight: The Nokia 6121 Classic

Nokia-6121-ClassicWhat can you expect from a classic mobile phone? Aside from being manufactured by a large enough company like Nokia, you’d expect excellent features to back up the heavy connotation of a word like “classic”. It turns out that Nokia was true to its promise of delivering, indeed, a real classic into our hands in the form of the new Nokia 6121 Classic.
Modern entertainment in a Classic
Nokia-6121-ClassicYou won’t go wrong with the Nokia 6121 Classic. The name is deceptive enough; you’d expect a boring, low-tech unit with the physical architecture beautified but none of the features. The Nokia 6121 Classic actually has more connectivity than other phones like the Hyundai Mobile watch phone.
Joining the group of smartphones and non-smartphones with improved connectivity, you can now access real websites via GPRS and EDGE. You also have OMA-DRM to make sure that you’re downloading activities safe and optimized.
Nokia has improved upon the concept of classic by including all the modern connectivity features that you can expect from something like the LG Secret or something similar. The only problem is the upload and download rate; the 384 kilobits/second rate is a few notches lower than what other phones have to offer. Phones like the HTC Touch Pro 2 can reach speeds of up to 7.2 mb/s with a good, secure connection. This is the handicap of mobile phones that are stuck with using GPRS/EDGE networking instead of Wi-Fi connectivity.
Other important specifications
The Nokia 6121 Classic does not run with any Windows Mobile version. Nevertheless, this model has been installed with one of the most solid operating systems available for smartphones: Symbian. All enhancement software and the user interface itself were developed by Nokia for the series.

It should be noted that despite the lack of a Windows OS, the Nokia 6121 Classic can still support a fairly large amount of external storage through its MicroSD card slot.


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