Nokia Targeting Rural Markets with the Nokia 2720 Fold

Nokia-2720-fold-RedWith the new Nokia 2720 Fold set to hit stores in the third quarter of 2009, Nokia has established itself as a major player in the emerging rural market. The 2720 is set to be released together with the Nokia 2730 Classic and the Nokia 7020. All three may be considered as part of the entry level to mid-range mobile phones bracket as all will retail for less than £100. The cheapest among the 3 however is the 2720 as it is estimated to have a launch price of only £50.
Aside from its economical price and straightforward design, Nokia has added a few new features on the 2720 Fold to make it more adaptable to the rural market.

The Nokia Ovi Email Service
The Nokia Ovi Email is a new and innovative service from Nokia that caters to those folks that may not have access to a personal computer. Instead of needing to use a PC and go online, users are able to set-up an email account straight from their mobile phones. The Ovi webmail service provides users with a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows up to 1GB of mail storage. The low bandwidth needed to make use of the service ensures that data transfer charges are kept at a minimum. The service also comes complete with virus protection and anti SPAM software.
Nokia Life

Another important feature of the Nokia 2720 Fold is the Nokia Life Tools service. This handy application will provide users with information regarding entertainment, education, and most importantly agriculture. This service is something new from Nokia as they provide more and more services that are socially significant. In their Life Tools program Nokia has developed a service that allows those who have limited access to vital information make the most informed decisions possible.

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