Nokia N97: What a view!

The to be launched Nokia N97, is a great design and will be one of the best sellers of all times and the future generation of mobile phones will look on Nokia N97 with a disbelief as to what can be improved on the N97. This phone is sure to bamboozle all other phones and create a market for itself without much marketing from Nokia, because Nokia knows that if the product is good, then the customer will come looking for it and the company can reduce on the advertising costs. Nokia N97 is one of those phones, completely hi tech and amazing looking, sure to win the hearts of the people who love their phones. For the Nokia loyals, N97 comes as a great package complete with the Nokia N97 free gifts. The free gifts on offer are an extension of Nokia’s warmth and care for the people who choose Nokia over other brands. The company has already planned the Nokia N97 contracts so that the consumers are given maximum leverage. Now lets see what makes the N97, N97!

Just look at the already available Nokia N97 video review and you will be flattened by the amazing and powerful features of the N97. A 5 mega pixel camera, with Carl Zeiss Lens and video capture capability, who needs a digital camera now! A TFT touch screen filled with 16 million colors over 3.5 inches and having 360 x 640 pixels, you will keep on watching the videos and movies till the battery lasts and with a Li-Ion 1500 mAh (BL – 4L) battery, you can watch many many movies at one go. The phone has 430 hours of stand by and a cool 6 hours and 40 minutes of talk time up its belt. All this and we have not even talked about a quarter of the features in the phone. Just imagine!

Just be on the look out for the contract mobile phones on Nokia N97, as and when it comes and be one of the lucky ones to use the Nokia N97 in the first round itself.


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