Nokia N97: The Pinnacle of the N-Series from Nokia

N97-blackWhen it comes to the Internet, Nokia was always last to arrive. But it’s a good thing that Nokia came up with the Nokia N97, because they’re proving that they still have what it takes to battle the innovators of the smartphone industry. Brands like Blackberry and even Google’s own Android smartphone would be given a run for their money with Nokia N97. The Nokia N97 has been in the market for only a few months, but it’s already being proffered by mainstream consumers.
Sophisticated features
The N97 was said to have been produced with different processing speeds and multiple connection speeds to maximize the available resources from your own personal location. Because it is a sophisticated device, the N97 was built with a QWERTY keypad and has been launched alongside the Nokia Ovi series as well. Nokia’s own version of the Internet is “your personal Internet”, emphasizing a kind of interconnectivity with the world, taken to another level.
Nokia-N97-guyThe Nokia N97 has been equipped with a 3.5-inch widescreen display, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. What differentiates the widescreen display of the Nokia N97 from other widescreen displays is that you aren’t stuck with the UI that Nokia installed. If you prefer, you can simply download and install widgets from your favorite website or from Nokia itself. With a simple touch on the “home screen” of the Nokia N97, you can access every bit of information that you might need, from news to your favorite social networking websites like Plurk and Facebook.
Like the Apple iPhone, which has been installed with Apple’s very own Safari web browse, the Nokia N97 has been installed with an efficient Nokia-made browser that’s capable of showing real websites in their actual form, maximizing the 16:9 widescreen display.

Whether you’re out to blog or chat, you would surely be at home with the new Nokia N97. The N97 is said to cost EUR 550.  


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