Nokia N97: The Best Nokia Slider Yet?

Nokia-N97-guyNokia launched the Nokia N97 in December 2008 with one thing in mind: to bring portable communication and the Internet closer to the mainstream consumer. According to Nokia, the N97 is by far the most advanced mobile phone in its class of devices and even sports one of the largest displays around at 3.5 inches. The display is even larger than the display of the Gigabyte GSmart S1200 at 3.1 inches.
Key features
Nokia N97 BlackThe Nokia N97 is attractive mainly because of its streamlined slider design. Unlike other sliders and flip phones, the N97 features a full-sized QWERTY keyboard, similar to that of HTC Touch Pro 2 and even Blackberry Storm. Though the orientation and form of the keys are different (traditional parallel keys versus round keys), it’s still nice to use.
Why did Nokia decide on a slider form factor instead of a classical form factor or the candy bar form factor? Since Nokia always focused on the personal predilection of consumers, they wanted the N97 to have an always open appearance so that all your favorite applications and website would be readily available in just one glance.
Flagship line of N-phones
What differentiates the Nokia N97 is that it has followed the trend of computer manufacturers. If in the past, a dedicated machine operated with only one particular speed (unless you upgrade), that cannot be said for the N-Series today. Aside from multiple data transfer options and speeds, the models have been built with multiple sensors and different memory options. Depending on your location and budget, you can make the N97 a very flexible business tool indeed.

According to Jonas Geust (VP of Nokia), the N97 is the most sophisticated computer/mobile phone in existence today and it plans to stay that way for a long time. If the developers at Nokia had played their cards right, they would be reaping a large portion of the market in the coming years with the N97.


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