Nokia N97: A Mobile Computer


Nokia N97 has taken mobile phones from Nokia one step ahead. It is a premium handset which paves way for the N Series to evolve from a regular mobile phone, to a creation which has the capability to offer the consumer all the features which can be seen in the iPhone. It is one of the best alternatives to the favorite iPhone. This mobile phone is like a mobile computer and offers excellent access to Internet. Nokia N97 comes with an integrated GPS, and the handset has the ability to connect you with a number of geo-location networks. It also offers entrée to different types of maps to find your way without losing the directions. The Nokia N97 offers total web browsing of every kind of websites.
N97-blackIn fact Nokia N97 is an amalgamation of several kinds of phones like the earlier mentioned iPhone as well as the Google G1 Phone.  Nokia N97’s 31/2 inches screen dictates the facade of the handset and you can only see small button on the underneath left side corner. It can be used as the shortcut keys for the multimedia features famous of the N series. There is a power button and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack at the apex of the Nokia N97. In fact this Nokia handset is only a little bit bigger and thicker compared to the iPhone. When the QWERTY keypad of the Nokia N97 is moved it will remind you of the HTC TyTN II.
The presentation of the Nokia N97 has been very impressive especially in the demos.  It can be compared to some of the other mobile phones from Nokia like the 5800 XpressMusic. The interface of Nokia N97 is very fast and receptive and this phone has been designed for the market who does not mind spending money on mobile phones.

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