Nokia N96: The phone to die for!

Nokia N96The company Nokia has designed great phones since a long long time and so Nokia has been a popular name among the long list of customers. In all these years, Nokia has become a world leader in making great phones and one such phone was the Nokia N95, which was awarded as the ‘Best phone of the year’ and taking that as a base the company has come up with an advanced version the N96. This is one step ahead of its predecessor in terms of looks and also in terms of the features and watching the Nokia N96 video reviews makes you confirm that the phone is just too good and unputdownable. The all black body and the tough 103 x 55 x 18 mm frame supports all the great features that are fitted into the handset.

The Slide has given the N96 a great ease of use and that all its users will definitely vouch for and the 2.8 inch TFT touch screen having 16 million colors and 240 x 320 pixels, are just good enough to melt the heart of a hardcore critic and a normal person will surely fall in love with the phone. The camera has 5 mega pixels to boast of and a Carl Zeiss Lens is sure to give a morale boost to the user as every time he clicks, he will end up with a master piece and get the credit. If this is not enough for you get ready for the Nokia N96 deals. The company does not want to see an empty hand and so the deals are so lucrative that even a school going child would want one. Just to carry their point the company is also giving away Nokia N96 free gifts like cash back facility, laptops, play stations etc.

If you thought that having a N96 would be expensive, think again because N96 comes as pay as you go phones, so you can decide for yourself, how much to use. So you are the king!


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