Nokia Eco Sensor: Recycled to Perfection

Nokia-Eco-SensorNokia had announced about this concept phone quite a while back in 2007, but have not launched it as yet. It might be a concept phone, but we really need such phones in reality that reduce the environmental footprint. I would be the first one to buy a Nokia Eco Sensor on contract when it arrives. This is because more than eighty percent of Nokia Eco Sensor is made up of recycled materials. It does not have a standard battery since it uses solar energy for making its solar cells work. These cells are situated on the wearable wrist strap with sensors.

The user can customize the results that he wishes to view. For instance, he can adjust the settings of the sensors to monitor the pollution in the air or level of carbon monoxide or even his heart beats. Nokia has based this phone on three R’s implying reduce, reuse and recycle. Nokia Eco Sensor would also have a normal mobile phone device with a wide screen Nokia Eco Sensor on Vodafone having a Vodafone connection or anyone from the available service providers. The sensors use Radio Frequency Identification or RFID and Near Field Communication or NFC for delivering the data to the phone screen.

It is said that Nokia Eco Sensor will be constructed using printed electronics that will not increase waste and the size of the components. This phone was announced long back in a year when there was no fashion of giving free gifts Nokia Eco Sensor with free gifts with a mobile phone purchase. Even if it is launched there are chances that Nokia Eco Sensor would be marketed as a sim-free mobile phone sim free mobile phones in various outlets and online stores. We have to wait and watch!


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