Nokia E63: The Phone that outlasts!

Nokia is such a company that will go to any levels to make sure that it is offering a quality product to the consumers and also that the customers get a good value for their money. This is what that differentiates the men from boys and Nokia is definitely a big player. So everything that comes from Nokia is globally approved and will offer great satisfaction to one and all. Now with the launch of Nokia E63 in the December 2008, this is all set to get a boost, as the E63 is a legend of sorts. The Nokia E63 has been given a solid and tough look and the red color of the body makes it look spectacular. Another version of the phone comes in blue and that looks pristine, so from the looks side there in no shortfall and everything is perfect. Nokia E63 on contract makes the phone more affordable by the people who want to limit their spending on the phone. So one can opt for the monthly commitment contract if he is a salaried person or the minutes commitment if the usage is low. Thus the contract will have to be chosen with care.

The Nokia E63 has a powerful battery to make sure it lasts upwards of 430 hours on standby mode and at least 11 hours on talking mode. This feature alone has the power to make the people line up for the E63, because you will need to charge the phone only once in a week and that’s all. More about the same can be read on Nokia E63 review and it makes a good reading.

Nokia E63 on Orange is on offer to make sure that you are never in trouble for connectivity issues. You get good network coverage from Orange, due to its pan UK presence, and so you can be rest assured that you will get service on the phone and this can be arranged for also in the contract mobile phones format i.e. you can choose that contract for Nokia E63, which stands to offer Orange as the carrier.


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