Nokia Booklet 3G: A First from Nokia

Nokia Booklet 3GA First

Nokia has always been synonymous with mobile phones, especially in the early days of the handheld phones. But now, Nokia is trekking into new territory, the mobile personal computer market with its latest offer, the Nokia Booklet 3G. With this first offer of a laptop, Nokia is looking to become the end-all mobile solution for everyone. With the amount of developments Nokia has helped with in the mobile phone industry, it is exciting to see their effects on this new venture of theirs. One thing is for sure, consumers stand to benefit the most, whatever happens.

The Design

This new netbook offer from Nokia has an aluminum case and weighs roughly 1.25 lbs, making it very portable, something that Nokia has aimed for.  It comes with a thickness of 19.9 mm, a width of 264 mm, and a depth of 185 mm, contributing to its portability. It also comes with a 10.1-inch glass that is said to be HD-ready. This means that this netbook will have above average graphics, especially against other netbooks in the market today.

The Features

Nokia has also given its netbooks a lot of functionality that helps it become more of a threat to current competition. The Nokia Booklet 3G will come with a Windows Operating System and an Atom processor, which will provide good performance as well as familiarity, especially for Windows users. It also has a battery that should provide over 12 hours of use (this could have been longer, except that its HD-ready screen should become a power-hog, lowering its battery life). It also has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, a 3G connection module, a GPS receiver and Google Maps that allows for calculation of pedestrian and car routes. It can also connect to the Internet via HSDPA and even allows changing of SIM cards while the gadget is turned on.

Certainly, Nokia has made a big step in developing this netbook but there is definitely more to come. This should make netbook manufacturers more than a little worried; there is a new giant in town, and its first offer is a good one.

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