Nokia and Microsoft team up

nokisoftIn a surprise announcement yesterday corporate giants Nokia and Microsoft stated that they intend to work closely in the future, bringing a wide range of existing and in-development Microsoft solutions to Nokia phones. The move was unexpected as the two companies have traditionally been competitors in the world of mobile phones, with Nokia using rival OS’ on their handsets.

The two companies have stated their pairing up is come in response to concerns over the rising influence of rivals in the mobile phone market. For Nokia their principal concern is RIM, developers of the popular BlackBerry devices. While Nokia still remains the market leader in terms of professional business-oriented smartphones they are seeing their market share drop while BlackBerry is gaining ground. Their hope is that the inclusion of Microsoft software such as Communicator Mobile and a full Office Suite will help to improve the desirability of their e-series phones among the professional market.

Microsoft on the other hand feel that they are losing out to rival software developers such as Cisco Systems and the rising popularity of Google software on mobile phones. While Microsoft have been very successful with PC software and have secured a virtual monopoly in many areas, they face a lot of stiff competition when it comes to mobile phones.

Many critics have pointed to this as one of the reasons why the deal is unlikely to succeed in the companies desired aims. The Microsoft brand does not pack the same punch when it comes to mobile phones and so this move is unlikely to offer any real benefit to Nokia. On top of this there is already plenty of software available from competitors that is compatible with Microsoft Office and rival solutions for some of Microsoft’s other services.

As has been pointed out by the critics, people are not too concerned with being able to edit spreadsheets or draw up a PowerPoint presentation on their mobile phone. Microsoft is operating under the delusion that people want on their phones what they have on their computers at home.

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