Nokia 7610 Supernova: The Colors just keep coming!

Nokia is a company that believes that black is the best color and maximum of its phones come in the color black, but just to show the world that what matters is the inside and the outside is just a reflection, it has come up with the Nokia 7610 Supernova, which is being offered on colors such as Muted Gray, Red, Pristine White, Steel, Lilac and Blue. Yes the Supernova has broken the black barrier without compromising on any of the amazing features that one associates with a Nokia phone and you can view all these colors and more in the Nokia 7610 Supernova video reviews.

The Nokia 7610 Supernova is a thin phone because of the 98 x 48 x 15 mm frame and 99 gms weight, but is not found short on the features and user friendly looks. The phone has a 3.2 mega pixel camera for that perfect picture and has been aptly fitted with a dual LED flash. The camera can also capture and record MPEG video files, which can later be viewed on the 2 inch TFT, 16 million colors, 240 x 320 pixel screen. Nokia 7610 Supernova on contract is something that the buyers are loving about that phone because they are in control and the company also has done research on its part to offer the best contracts so that the buyers are never looking for alternatives. These are based on the minutes to be used or the monthly commitments made.

The Nokia 7610 Supernova has a global appeal and just to strengthen its position Nokia 7610 Supernova on TMobile has been doing rounds. Consumers and mobile lovers are having a gala time as they get the best deals and also the best phones. Today, people want phones that are pay as you go phones and all your worries have been put to sea because Nokia 7610 Supernova is one such phone and you cannot go wrong with a Supernova.


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