Nokia 7070 Prism: Geometry revisited!

Nokia never ever ceases to amaze the world and you cannot predict what Nokia will or can come up with. Nokia in a bid to outdo all other mobile manufacturers and to target the school and college going crowd has designed a phone that is very very basic in its features but very high and sophisticated in the design area. The Nokia 7070 Prism has been made simple so that the school and college students do not waste much time on the features like camera and media player and internet, thus they can give more time to studies and yes have a style statement in the form of the phone, which will reflect their fashion quotation and when you get a Nokia 7070 Prism contract then there is nothing better because you can exactly determine the amount of money you wish to use.

The design is very radical and the phone body is covered with prisms and the look that it gives is like that of a geometric box and the angles are just too good. The Nokia 7070 Prism review will make a good reading. The phone is very basic but the design is sleek and can make people beg for the Prism. The features for the phone include making calls, receiving calls and SMS and MMS. Short, sweet and simple. The phone is for that and just that – the primary reason why the mobile phones were built for. Also, as pay as you go phones, the Nokia 7070 Prism helps out to reduce cost and maintain a budget. Hence you can use the Prism till you drop provided you wish to drop.

But for a global feel, the Nokia 7070 Prism on TMobile offers to be the best possible solution. Thus you get a phone for talking all over the world, which works all over the world. So get one today!


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