Nokia 7020: A Slim Trendy Handset

Nokia-7020-grey-openThe Nokia 7020 is has a clamshell design with several user friendly features including messaging as well as entertainment. It has a very chic and trendy appearance with its hidden screen outside and the compact structural form. The handset is about 17.3mm in thickness with a length of 91.2mm and is 46.7mm in width when the mobile phone is closed. Nokia 7020 is only 86.2 grams in weight with the battery. It is a very lightweight phone from Nokia and very convenient to carry. The external screen is about 1.36 inches, with a delicate display of icons and you will have a good time activating the controls with a tap when you want to see the clock on the outside. It requires a mild tap on the screen to set off the display immediately.
Nokia-7020-pink-angleYou will find a stardust feature on the external screen for camera options, calls, power off or on, as well as for closed phone. This is a vibrant handset from Nokia which can be purchases in different colors like graphite casing for people who have a restrained outlook for communicating on the mobile and hot pink for people who like to be seen.  With the opening of Nokia 7020 you will see a color screen which is about 2.2 inches in size on the opened part of the cover. The lower part of the cover has a very easy to use and convenient keypad to help you dial and write text. The total system is complimented with a very simple navigation for the mobile.
Nokia 7020 has a very impressive battery which offers almost four and half hours of talk time and around 15 days of standby time. The best part of the device is the external display which adds beauty and life to the Nokia 7020. This is part of Nokia range such as Nokia 2730 fold and Nokia 2720 which have been created to aid people move ahead.

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