nokia 6710 navigator navigating you in your journeys

Nokia-6710-Navigator-TitaniumThe first and foremost thing I noticed in the Nokia 6710 Navigator was the easiness with which navigation is made possible in this phone. You can always find out your way and find out new places with this Nokia 6710 Navigator on Virgin. This is the third product in the navigation series from Nokia. What I liked most about this feature is the amount of time I can save on traveling, searching for unknown routes. This has A-GPS and preloaded maps in it, which makes navigation extremely wonderful and interesting, no matter whether you are driving or walking. I can never let myself going without mentioning about the design of this mobile phone in a Nokia 6710 Navigator reviewThis soft and curved design is made to fit just to your hand and you will enjoy holding it against your face.

Nokia 6710 Navigator on contract is expected to be launched in the world market soon. The 2.6 inches and 240*320 displays along with the light sensor have been optimized for working in outdoors. This facilitates the working in both light as well as bright environments. These contract mobile phones will be arriving with an AGPS receiver, Carl ziess lens, and facility for push email.

Other technical advancements which make me say that this is the right mobile for these generations include the support for tri-band UMT in this quad band GSM mobile. It can support HSPDA as well as HSUPA data. This can also come with a FM Radio as well as 3.5mm audio socket. The phone is expected to be available for €300 without including tax and subsidies.

Other added advantages include aerial photography, weather display and the new 3D landmarks from Navteq. Below the screen, you can see a touch-sensitive zoom area. This provides an incremental zooming as compared to that was possible with the keypad shortcuts.


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