Nokia 6700 Classic: Experience the Magic

Nokia-6700-ClassicNokia 6700 Classic is yet another feather in the cap of Nokia. It is not possible for every one to be a world leader in mobile phones. The new phone from Nokia is just one example that represents their expertise in giving the end-user a magical experience with their products. Nokia knows perfectly how a mobile phone should be packed with functionality and a great interface at the same time. This is one of the reasons why many people all over the world prefer buying Nokia phones every time they go for a change. Nokia 6700 Classic will undoubtedly be the sought after contract Nokia 6700 Classic on contract for dealers and stores.

Nokia 6700 Classic is a mono block styled phone that is not too heavy with comfortable dimensions. It has a 2.2 inch wide TFT display with an ambient light sensor. One new feature in this screen is that the brightness of the display is automatically adjusted as per the type of content. For instance, if there is an image on the screen, the brightness will be such as to complement the picture and enhance it. Nokia 6700 Classic is expected to be up for sale sometime after May 2009. If you are waiting for a good mobile phone deal mobile phone deals then it is worth the wait. You can choose from chrome, matt steel and black for the phone that looks elegant in all three colors.

Nokia 6700 Classic has separate keys for camera and volume control besides voice commands and numeric keypad. As with other Nokia phones this one too has a good battery performance that has a standby time of 300 hours. When you use an Orange connection Nokia 6700 Classic on Orange for your Nokia 6700 Classic, you will notice how efficient the battery is. The Nokia 6700 Classic has still some time to launch so we cannot tell whether it will be sold with some free gifts Nokia 6700 Classic with free gifts as the other models.


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