Nokia 6700 Classic: Ahead of the Rest

Nokia-6700-ClassicNokia 6700 Classic is an enhanced version of its predecessor, Nokia 6300 with many more features. Nokia had a great success with 6300 and tapped the consumer’s pulse accurately through that handset. When you get a phone that has top-line features and still does not make you dearer by a big amount, it is obvious that the masses will go for it. Nokia exactly knows this and has come up with the new Nokia 6700 Classic that is expected to cost around EUR 235 excluding taxes. It is one of the few Nokia 6700 Classic contracts that is much awaited by everybody.

Nokia 6700 Classic has all the required call features such as hands free speakerphone, speed and voice dialing, conference calling etc. You can add up to three call participants for the same. Then there are volume keys on the side for convenience. This is because Nokia 6700 has an equally good music player too. The Nokia Media Player can be customized for playlists as per your choice of artist and genre. It supports seven music playback file formats. There are 2 microphones for cancelling uplink noise. Till the pone is launched you can do your survey and find out which service provider has the best plan for you. There are lots of them like Nokia 6700 Classic on Virgin for instance who always design special plans for new phones.

Nokia 6700 Classic free gifts are the latest technique used by dealers to lure customers into buying a particular handset model. Nokia 6700 Classic has already created a fan following for it, so free gifts won’t help much. Moreover, people are also taking well to the idea of sim-free mobile phones sim free mobile phones wherein they can continue with the previous connection without hassle.


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