Nokia 6600i

Nokia 6600iSome time back Nokia released two different 6600 mobile phones, one flip and one slide. Both handsets enjoyed great popularity, but the slider model clearly out did its sibling; which is why Nokia updated it to become the 6600i – a tweaked version with a pretty new colour to match.

The design has remained basic but slick and has largely kept the original design in tact. With such a simple shell you might be surprised by what a nice handset the Nokia 6600i really is.

The display is 2.2 inches, which sounds small compared to the touch screen models, but when you don’t have to poke and prod to navigate around the menus 2.2 actually seems quite spacious. Then there is the 5 mega pixel camera; also sounding less than impressive when compared to the crazy 12 mega pixel Samsung phone just launched, but more than adequate – especially when you consider that just a few years ago a standard personal digital camera was rarely more than 6 mega pixels.

There is also VGA video recording at 15 fps, (frames per second,) which isn’t super impressive but still a very nice addition, a stereo FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity and support for a microSD. Naturally you can also enjoy various Ovi features pre installed as well as Facebook and MySpace applications. (Also pre installed.)

All in all the Nokia 6600i is a well designed mobile phone boasting a traditional feel with modern specs. Measuring only 93 x 45 x 14.2 mm and weighing just 110 grams, (which is mostly down to the metal body), it is a very small handset, even for a slider.

Check back in with us later, as we will bring you more news on pricing and availability, as details are unveiled in the coming weeks.


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