Nokia 6303 Classic: Leading the Way

Nokia-6303-malt-blackWhen you look at the new Nokia 6303 Classic you can easily make out that it has all the qualities of a leader. The phone has wonderful features that compliment its slim looks. It is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2009 at a price of about $178 including taxes. Nokia 6303 Classic comes with a stainless steel or black mat cover. Since it is manufactured by Nokia, the leader in mobile phones production, you can be assured that this is one of those contracts Nokia 6303 Classic contracts that is not available often.

Nokia-6303-ClassicSome leading features of Nokia 6303 Classic are a great talk time of seven hours and almost three weeks of stand-by time. It includes four games and you can download more from the internet if these are not enough. If you have liked the earlier offering of Nokia 6300, you are bound to like this too. It would be great if you do a little research and find out if some online dealer is offering free gifts Nokia 6303 Classic with free gifts on its purchase. Comparing different deals for the same mobile phone is always better. This way you don’t end up paying more and receive freebies too.

Nokia 6303 Classic is also great for taking high quality photographs with its 3.15 MP camera with auto focus. You can share these snaps using convenient sharing websites such as Share on Ovi or send a MMS. The utility of Nokia 6303 Classic is enhanced with an O2 connection Nokia 6303 Classic on O2 that will allow you to connect and network with friends and family. Some users like to have flexibility in using a mobile phone. Pay as you go phones are suitable for them. Check out if Nokia 6303 Classic can be used like that for ultimate freedom.


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