Nokia 6260 Slide: Perfect slide between office and home!

Nokia knows the needs of its clients very well and always works out one way or the other to please them. At Nokia and with Nokia there is always a chance. Nokia 6260 Slide will see the daylight from the hands of a customer some time in early 2009 and till then we will have to remain content just by reading the Nokia 6260 Slide review. The phone has a unique shape and the dimensions are 99.4 mm by 46.5 mm by 15.4 mm. This new phone 6260 Slide is a sliding phone, as the name suggests, but it has a whole host of features other than the slide. The phone is available in two colors – the beautiful black and the refreshing beige or off white! Having a wi-fi platform you can remain connected to the office and because of the wonderful entertainment features like a 5 mega pixel camera, amazing media player, stereo speakers, and bluetooth and USB, it is a personal phone at its best.

As pay as you go phones have become very customer friendly, the Nokia 6260 Slide has been designed to be a proud member of the group. Thus the users can save a lot of money. Also to help the clients more and to make their lives simple, Nokia 6260 Slide contracts are also being offered by the company. These contracts will make the buyer queue up at the mobile stores as soon as the phone gets launched, and some have already started the queuing process.

A major crowd puller is the Nokia 6260 Slide free gifts that has been put on the table. The free gifts cover the entire range like the golf kits, health packages, cash backs, laptops, play stations and many more. Thus you can be sure of getting the best deal when you will eventually buy the Nokia 6260 Slide.


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