Nokia 6260 Slide: Not allowing any one to slide away!

To be launched in the first quarter of 2009, the Nokia 6260 Slide is such a phone that has so much to offer that you simply cannot ignore the phone and move forward. First advantage you get from the Slide is the Nokia 6260 Slide contract from the company. These contracts are developed after much thought and so you can affirm that all your needs and desires would have been incorporated.

Also, belonging to the sim free mobile phones, the Slide offers to make the life simple and free of hassles for the clients. Thus you can switch from one carrier to another automatically and sometimes you would even realize it. But to make sure that you have a connected life and have no problems when you are on the move, the Nokia 6260 Slide Orange comes to the rescue. Orange has UK totally covered and so wherever you have to go in the UK, you will get great connection. Also, if you travel outside the UK, Orange has great connections and cross network facilities to help you further.

Heard enough about the periphery of the Nokia 6260 Slide and now you wish to know more about the handset itself, right! So you need to have a close look at the Nokia 6260 Slide video reviews. The Slide will be available in black and beige colors, thus you can get a nice official color, which is neither too loud nor too dull. The size is 99.4 mm x 46.5 mm x 15.4 mm and the weight is 114 gms. So it is on the lighter side, but the design is somewhat odd and so you may have to give the phone a second look before finalizing. The Wi-fi platform is good and offers hi-speed internet for the perfect office environment and you can surf the internet and check and send emails. Thus you will never miss your office and the office will not miss you.

This phone is highly recommended to those who are looking at the features and not necessarily the looks.


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