Nokia 6121 Classic: What a New Classic Has to Offer

Nokia-6121-ClassicThe Nokia 6121 Classic isn’t really old; but you can bet it would become an instant classic once the market catches on. While the Nokia 6121 doesn’t have the same kind of connectivity as the Xpress Music line, you can say that the 6121 is a polished version of the Xpress Radio model. At least this phone has the same music capabilities of phones like the New Asus P835. In a way, you gain access to the same set of features without spending too much money.
Examining a Classic
Nokia-6121-ClassicWhat does the Nokia 6121 Classic have to offer that other smartphones don’t have? None. But it does have the features of the smartphones minus the hefty price tag. You can surf the Internet, check your email and download multimedia files with your 6121 because it supports not only GPRS but also HSDPA.
The Nokia 6121 also has a 2.0 megapixel CMOS sensor capable of landscape/panoramic shots to capture crowds, sceneries and long stretches of space with many subjects.
Multimedia, storage and applications
Yes, the Nokia 6121 has also been installed with a MicroSD slot, but can only support up to 2 gigabytes of memory. Internal storage is only 35 megabytes (probably only enough for a few mp3 files and some panorama shots). We’re still wondering why brands like Nokia insist on using smaller and smaller internal storage when people like keeping many files.
As for the phone software, you can upgrade the Nokia 6121 Classic via FOTA. That includes firmware and other software developed by Nokia itself. While this feature may be a bore to some, it might actually be helpful if you check regularly for firmware upgrades.

Supported music formats are MPEG Layer 3, M4A and the basic WMA from Windows. The Nokia 6121 Classic is also capable of accepting actual video streams from the Internet. Supported file types for the streaming functionality include MPEG Layer 4 and Real formats.


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